Wrongful Termination

Employees are terminated every day, often for economic reasons, or issues associated with their performance.

While in many if not most cases, these terminations are justified and legal, far too often, honest, hard-working and committed employees lose their jobs for unfair or illegal reasons. Any job loss can create stress and economic hardship for employees, many of whom may have difficulty finding a new job in a reasonable time frame. And as many employees and their family members take part in employer sponsored health care plans, even more than a paycheck can be at stake.

For these reasons, state and federal employment laws protect employees from being terminated unjustly. Many states – often referred to as “at will” employment states – permit employers to legally terminate an employee at any time for any reason without cause.

However, even under at will employment law, there are restrictions on terminations. For example, in most cases, employees may not be terminated:

You have legal protections...

While specific employment laws vary from state to state, and though discerning what constitutes specifically prohibited actions may be difficult, employees in fact have legal protections, even in “at will” states or districts.

Facing termination can be an intimidating, highly stressful experience, especially if the termination was sudden and without warning. Adding to the stress is the fact that fighting a wrongful termination can have statutory time limits.

If you have been terminated and believe your termination may have been illegal, you may have access to legal protections and remedies that can lead to you being reinstated, compensated for damages and/or receiving back pay. Certainly, every case is different and fine distinctions in the law and from situation to situation can affect outcomes. It’s important to secure experienced, knowledgeable legal representation.

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