Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

Public Service Union Law

Public employees who unionize have an additional layer of legal protections when compared to their non-union counterparts. This is especially true in “at will” employment states such as Maryland, Virginia, and in the District of Columbia.

However, even with these increased legal protections, unionized public service employees still face denial of training and promotion, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and disciplinary actions, and other illegal threats to their jobs and livelihood.

The additional protections afforded to these workers by their unions are valuable and do much to protect union members, but from a legal standpoint, they add layers of complication to disputes between government employers and their public service union members. Special review and/or disciplinary boards, complex appeal processes, specific procedural requirements and various regulations associated with specific union contracts often require legal representation with exceptionally specific experience in work with particular unions.

Decades of experience...

The labor and employment attorneys of Pressler, Senftle and Wilhite have nearly three decades of experience in representing public service union employees. We have in-depth knowledge of procedures, protocols, rules and regulations. We are extremely familiar with public service unions in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. We have strong and longstanding relationships with public service union leadership and have successfully represented scores of union members in a full range of matters.

With our extensive experience, we can investigate and assess your case and give you a complete, clear, no-nonsense appraisal of your legal position and which course of action will likely best align with your objectives, regardless of the issue.

Our public service union legal services include:

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