Washington, D.C.

Fire Department Employment Law

The 1,900 employees of the Washington, D.C., Fire Department work tirelessly and under extreme pressure to save lives and property across the District. With more than a half-million people in its 68 square miles, Washington, D.C., is densely populated with many of its neighborhoods facing infrastructure and socio-economic issues that generate heavy demand for the department’s services.

The firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians of the Washington, D.C., Fire Department routinely risk their lives and safety in their service to the community. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices they and their families make and consider it an honor to provide them with the legal services in their times of what is often their greatest need.

We have exceptionally deep and broad experience in the specific issues that are unique to department members who are union members and recognize they often require the help of personal legal representation. Too often we’ve seen examples of department members having needs that “fall through the cracks” of collective bargaining agreements or that simply fall into “gray areas” of the agreements. This can mean those valued members of our community don’t receive the support and benefits they deserve.

We are committed to standing up for fire fighters and their families.

We thoroughly evaluate their case and provide them with clear, concise, realistic information so together, we can make legal decisions that will help them achieve their individual objectives.

Our services include:

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