Washington, D.C.

Police Department Employment Law

Each day, Washington, D.C. Police Department officers and employees take on the enormous challenge of making the streets of our nation’s capital safe and doing their best to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike. The District faces a range of socio-economic issues, and is constantly in the nation’s and the world’s spotlight. The pressures are immense, the duty hazardous and the circumstances, issues and priorities constantly change.

We understand the burden these tireless and committed public servants willingly carry, as well as the effects their work can have on their personal well-being and their families. Officers are injured and too often lose their lives in the line of duty. In some cases, those officers and/or their families struggle to be compensated for their losses.

Other officers face unjust discipline from baseless citizen complaints. In other cases, the grievance process outlined in the department’s collective bargaining agreement with the police union fails to yield a just and favorable result for the officer.

We know what to expect...

Our years of experience in representing members of the Washington, D.C., Police Department have given deep insights into how issues and disputes will be resolved within the department. We have a wealth of experience in representing union members, we know their rights, and we know what to expect in nearly every situation. We evaluate each case carefully, and provide our clients with straightforward, extremely accurate information so they can choose the course of action that helps them reach their goals.

Our experience includes:

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