Public Sector Employment Law

Our firm has represented members of the Washington, D.C., Police and Fire Departments as well as members of the District’s Public Unions in a full range of employment matters for more than 30 years. We have a deep understanding and exceptional experience in representing these union members before retirement boards, trial boards and other entities. Our years of representing these hard-working, committed and tireless public servants have given us a deep respect for all they do for our communities and how underappreciated they often are, especially when they are injured in the line of duty, experience on-the-job harassment, denied promotions or benefits, or are wrongfully disciplined or terminated.

First and foremost, we believe in the importance of listening to our clients, understanding every aspect of their challenges and developing a clear understanding of their needs and objectives.

We painstakingly research each matter with an eye toward gaining every advantage possible for our clients. This information enables us to create an extremely accurate assessment of the strength of each client’s case and what she or he can expect in terms of an outcome.

We don’t sugarcoat situations; our clients want real-world, accurate information and that is exactly what we strive to provide to them.

It’s that simple.

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